Fit and Forget Hearing Protection

Developed for the US Military and selected over competitive offerings by first responders, Hearing Armor is the new environmental sound filter standard for hearing protection.


Who is Hearing Armor for?

Anyone who is exposed to dangerous noise levels on a regular basis, knows that quality hearing protection is vital.  Once your hearing is impaired, it is never coming back.

Maintaining Situational Awareness

If you need to be able to hear alarms, instructions, or just have a conversation in a loud environment, your hearing protection better allow for total awareness. Hearing Armor was designed around this concept and has perfected its effectiveness. Learn more about our technology.



360 Degree Hearing

A huge part of our awareness that is often taken for granted is the 360-degree range of our hearing. Many activities in our personal and work lives expose us to harmful decibel levels.  Finally there is an affordable solution that both allows us to safely hear, and still be able to tell where sounds are coming from, all while safely protecting us from damaging decibel levels that lead to hearing impairment and complete hearing loss.