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Hearing Armor is a patented technology designed to stop dangerous sounds from reaching the inner ear, helping prevent hearing loss caused by loud and impact sounds while maintaining situational awareness, without the need of removing the ear plugs to listen to regular conversations.

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Before shipment, all Hearing Armor ear plugs are UV-C sterilized.


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Medical grade silicone

Hearing Armor is build with medical grade silicone, a durable, flexible and hygienic material. The technology used in building Hearing Armor allows for continuous use, guarantees comfort and an extended product life span by being a reusable product.

Protection for your ears

Hearing Armor provides noise reduction from impact and loud environmental sounds, and its “Fit and Forget” design was created with continuous use in mind, while causing little to no impact on situational awareness.

Military-tested technology

Originally designed with the military in mind, Hearing Armor provides the perfect balance between noise reduction, comfort and durability, allowing the wearer to hear instructions and conversations while blocking out dangerous sounds.

Comfortable, washable, and durable

Hearing Armor is a reusable ear insert, it can be washed with warm, soapy water after each use. Hearing Armor Silicone models have a properly and hygienically used life span of up to 6 months or more.